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SaaS Company created in 2017 in Malmö, Sweden

Our team has been growing quickly and today we are + 10 committed people


Our Story!

We were born with a digital and sustainable DNA, we firmly believe that technology is a necessary tool to become a more sustainable world.

We believe in data  privacy,  and we work tirelessly to create a secure, agile and intelligent platform and above all that, a platform that contributes to improving our world to make it a more sustainable place to live in.

We are truly convinced that we have found the key that connects the needs of the final consumer, merchants and the environment.

We have the possibility to make a substantial and long-lasting impact.  

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Digitalise and optimise the purchase process with an efficient, ethical and sustainable solution. Get valuable data to create truly connected relationships between businesses and finalcon sumers.


Leading the change towards a digitised and sustainable future by continuous innovation. Becoming an international leader in the segment and having access to the most valuable insights in the online and the offline world.


Best startup in Sweden






We are comited with 2023 agenda


Saved Trees


ClowId Main team

We sum more than 50 years experience, 7 languages and knowledge in worldwide implementation projects

Tatiana Amaya

CEO & Co Founder

Rafael Mastroianni

CPO & Co Founder

Alessandra Franceschini

UX/UI Designer

Esteban mora


+15 International talents

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