The streamline solution to empower your Point Of Sales.

The only Customer Engagement solution that bridges the gap between On and Offline transactions through Smart Digital Receipts, Analytics and Marketing tools.

Digital Receipts Add On for POS

Enabling merchants to connect with customers

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With ClowID Full-Stack solution, you can further digitise your business processes, gain access to crucial individual customer data while protecting the integrity of your customers’ personal information, and leverage powerful personalised marketing tools


Boost your sales now!

We help merchants to build stronger relationships with customers.

Digital Receipts Add On for POS


Send digital receipts to your customers

No more wasting paper. Send digital receipts to your customers and let them enjoy our user friendly app!

Send to app

Send by sms

Save the receipts in the cloud

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smart dashboards

Analize your business Data from one platform

View individual or aggregated customer insights and customer behaviour, your most sold products, reports from all your POS and more.

Business Insights

Product Statistics

Real time Customer Feedback

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Digital Receipts Add On for POS
Digital Receipts Add On for POS


Creating customized promotions has never been this easy!

A curated selection of top performing marketing tools for your business, just a click from you.

Loyalty program

Stamp Cards

Membership Cards


Last minute deals

Customized Messages

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smart analytics

Real time valuable Data Insights

Real time analytics of all your stores. Our powerful tool helps you track and compare your performance over time

Smart reports

Smart data insights

Predictive Data Analysis

Digital Receipts Add On for POS


ClowID Integrates with any POS!

Add ClowID functionalities in your POS system without upfront costs, seamlessly & secure.
Increase your revenue while offering new top performing, unique solutions to your customers.

Go paperless, become contactless

Paper receipts are an agent harmful to health and the environment. ClowID enables truly contactless transactions.

13 Million trees

Are cut down each year in Europe to produce thermal paper for receipts

662 million liters

Of water are consumed each year in Europe to produce thermal paper for receipt

1355 million liters

Of oil are consumed each year in Europe to produce thermal paper for receipts


More than 1.000 happy customers!

ClowID is definitely the best solution for contacting my customers and building customer loyalty, while reducing paper waste.

Lana Eriksson

Malmo, Sweden

ClowID is an amazing tool, I can analyze the data and buying behavior of my customers in real time to improve our sales and evolution.

James Lato

Malmo, Sweden

ClowID is a good solution to manage marketing campaigns and to be able to evaluate their results quickly from a single platform.

Ela Alvares

Malmo, Sweden


 Powerful & User friendly platform

Our service has been specifically developed for  businesses in order to boost their sales

No startup fee

Effortless and quick implementation

Increase customer engagement

With loyalty program, deals and more

Boost your sales

Target and reach the right audience

Valulable Customer insights

Get to know more about your customers to build a loyal relationships

Become sustainable!

Digitalise and reduce your environmental impact

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