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The only app you will ever need to manage all your receipts and loyalty cards!

Receive digital receipts by sms, directly to ClowID app, or scan, and keep your expenses organized in one place.


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Keep your favorite store's loyalty Cards

Discover ClowID loyalty program. All your VIP cards, Stamp cards and coupons in one place!

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Organize all your receipts in one place!

Ask your favorite store to send your receipts by Sms or via App. If they don't use ClowID YET, you can also scan the receipt! And ask them to visit

Save your receipts

Mark as business expense or guarantee

Rate your shopping experience

Start enjoying ClowID now!

Organize and keep all your receipts in one place, help the environment reducing paper waste & receive curated promotions just from your favorite merchants. All while keeping your data safe and secure, with 100% anonymity thanks to your ClowID.

How it works

How to receive your digital receipt

Step 1

Show your ClowID QR

Show your ClowID QR to your merchant, or scan a paper receipt

Step 2

Save your receipts

Save the receipt in the app

Step 3

Organize your receipts

Organize your receipts as personal, business expenses, or guarantee proof.

Step 4

Get exclusive promotions

Your favorite merchants will post exclusive promotions that you can redeem directly in the app.