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Why sustainability is vital for businesses in every consumer industry

–Nine years. That's how long we have to change the world.Year 2020 marked the start of the Decade of Action, a critical period during which we need to attain solutions to the most serious challenges of the world...

What is omnichannel marketing and why does it matter for retail

Customers are expecting more from their shopping experiences these days. One of the expectations is being treated the same way across all channels and platforms a business is using to interact with the customer...
3 min.

5 technology trends that are transforming the restaurant industry

Working in a restaurant or a café means navigating in a fast-paced environment. Greeting new customers and taking their orders to the kitchen while other customers are waiting at their table for the possibility to pay...
5 min.

How well do you know your retail customers?

While we're living through the "age of information" and have access to more data points than ever before, retail has a data problem. With current POS systems and retail software, having individual customer data is ...
4 min.

What does the best retail customer service look like?

When we think about customer service in retail, many companies think about friendly and helpful floor salespeople and the pleasant interaction with customers during their shopping experience...