Add-on POS features and benefits for your merchants

ClowID Smart Receipts POS integration works together with your existing software for better POS data and added benefits for your customers.


POS systems

We provide multiple options for integrated solutions so your merchants can start sending Smart Receipts in a matter of seconds, for better customer experiences.

Give your merchants the ability to monetize their customer portfolio with no development costs to you, or them.

Provide add-on tools for powerful personalised customer marketing capabilities that lead to better sales and loyalty.

POS data is currently incomplete - offer more insights and potential access to millions of pieces of segmented data.

ClowID is proud to partner with

How ClowID POS Partners works:

Offer ClowID integrated Smart Receipt solution to all your merchants as an added service to your POS, and receive recurring revenue for those who sign up for the platform use, without spending any of your own resources on development.

As a Partner of ClowID, you earn a percentage of the sale for each merchant where ClowID is implemented as an add-on to your system and used to provide consumers with a digital receipt directly to their ClowID mobile receipt wallet.

ClowID is a non-intrusive software with an API that does not require on-premise hosting or hardware, provided by the reliable and fast Amazon Web Services.

Our software is:

Compatible with Windows, iOS or Linux

Easily installed in a matter of seconds

Secure, and protects integrity of user data

Compliant with current GDPR policies

ClowID adds value for your merchants - and you.

The POS competition is exploding as more businesses are digitising, and better end-customer experiences and mobile-first technology are driving the direction of the industry. What this means:

The ClowID commitment to sustainability:

At our core, ClowID is a sustainability business. We see the value in digitisation not only to make consumer experiences better, but to significantly reduce businesses’ reliance on paper. Through digital receipts, we can strive to eliminate paper waste, and contribute to a better planet for all.

As it is now:

13 million trees are cut down in Europe each year to produce thermal paper for receipts​

17.5 million gallons of water are consumed in Europe each year to produce thermal paper for receipts​

358 million gallons of oil are consumed in Europe each year to produce thermal paper for receipts

Sustainability isn’t just a fad. It’s an important business investment in our collective future.

Does it sound like your merchants can benefit from adding ClowID to your POS system?

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