Create elevated customer experiences in hospitality

ClowID Full-Stack solution for cafes, restaurants and hotels, works together with your existing software for better customer service, smoother transactions, and further post-visit engagement.


We provide multiple options for integrated solutions so that cafes, restaurants and hotels can set up Smart Dashboards and start sending Smart Receipts in a matter of seconds

Give your customers an easier and smarter way to retain their receipts when completing a transaction at your locations, allowing for easier organisation, record keeping and expense reporting.

You gather more individual customer data and immediate sentiment feedback, which can lead to a better understanding of your patrons, frequency of visits, and how you can improve customer service.

Access the tools for powerful personalised marketing capabilities that lead to increased sales and loyalty, without compromising your customers’ private information or resorting to email SPAM.

How ClowID works for food and beverage and hospitality merchants:

In just a few seconds, you can install ClowID on your existing POS terminals. Whenever a patron completes a payment transaction, they can opt to receive the digital receipt to their ClowID smart receipt wallet. They can then provide their unique ClowID, or scan their mobile QR code with your system’s barcode scanner.

The receipt is then instantaneously and automatically sent to their ClowID mobile app. You then have access to the anonymous information in your ClowID Smart Dashboard, including individual purchase values, frequency of visits, and customer experience ratings. Then, make more informed decisions about your hospitality customer experience strategy.

ClowID provides marketing materials to all of our merchants in order to raise awareness for end users and make it easier for your patrons to download and use ClowID Smart Wallet. We also offer support to your staff to help them introduce ClowID to new customers.

ClowID is a non-intrusive software with an API that does not require on-premise hosting or hardware, provided by the reliable and fast Amazon Web Services.

Our software is:

Compatible with Windows, iOS or Linux

Easily installed in a matter of seconds

Secure, and protects integrity of user data

Compliant with current GDPR policies

ClowID adds value for your customers - and you.

The hospitality industry has the most fickle customers, and so many aspects of the business can actually be offset by a bad experience. Personalisation and innovative technology improves the likelihood of good customer engagement, and provides you with more detailed information about your patrons. A win-win.

The ClowID commitment to sustainability:

At our core, ClowID is a sustainability business. We see the value in digitisation not only to make consumer experiences better, but to significantly reduce businesses’ reliance on paper. Through digital receipts, we can strive to eliminate paper waste, and contribute to a better planet for all.

As it is now:

13 million trees are cut down in Europe each year to produce thermal paper for receipts

17.5 million gallons of water are consumed in Europe each year to produce thermal paper for receipts

358 million gallons of oil are consumed in Europe each year to produce thermal paper for receipts

Sustainability isn’t just a fad. It’s an important business investment in our collective future.

Does it sound like you could benefit from adding ClowID to your customer engagement tools?

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